The possibility that the coronavirus can also be transmitted through an aerosol effect that remains in the air, which would facilitate infections in closed places such as offices or factories, makes the reinforcement of hygiene measures that both workers and employers should more relevant. carry out in the so-called ‘new normal’.

“If I am with a person near, my saliva drops will come out with virus particles and I will infect them. These sprays are the carriers of the virus and allow them to stick on all sides. As they are small particles, they can travel with the air and this can take them up to 10 meters and that is where the alarms sound ”, says Norma Hernández, medical director for Latin America of the bioMérieux diagnostic solutions firm.

The specialist insists on the importance of maintaining the sanitary measures that the government authorities have recalled during the contingency months: healthy distance, hand washing, use of masks and not touching the face with the hands; as well as the monitoring of the established protocols so that companies can follow their operations in work centers.

The responsibility of the companies lies in providing the work centers with the infrastructure and material necessary for the employees to return to their normal activities and to promote proper use. Israel Rico, specialist in health systems at the University of the Valley of Mexico, assures that when structures are changed indirectly the individual behavior of people and their behavior with the environment are modified.

Source: Expansion