«They trusted us»

Attica Design Group has been not only a strategic partner during implementing the GDSI program in all Hyundai dealerships in Colombia and Latin America, but a company ready to provide smarts solutions at all times. It customized service and professional excellence is one of its main asset.

Geovanna Tipan

Director of Dealership Development, Neocorp – Hyundai

Our business relationship with Attica Design Group has been extremely rewarding. Beyond the everyday challenges during project development, Attica Design always shows great work ethic, sense of responsibility, work quality but foremost, a passionate team of people that makes them excellent human beings. It is a pleasure to work with them.

Pablo Ruíz

Corporate Image Manager, Neocorp – Hyundai

Working with Attica as part of our team has been a wonderful experience. The flow of information and ideas is always easy, streamlined and very efficient. They have helped us move projects forward at a fast clip in production while keeping the project on time and budget and our clients up to date.
The entire Attica team has been a joy to work with, always willing to help. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for a very competent and professional team.

Juan Pablo León

Director of Operations, METRICA LLC

20 years of memorable experiences during the development of many projects that helped us to achieve successful results for our clients and our company. Attica Design Group has the ability to put together Design, execution, strategy to help us to overcome every challenge that we have faced as a team.

Juan Fernando Dávila

CEO , TheLine Group



ATTICA DESIGN GROUP It is a company with ISO 9001 certification which guarantees that our products and processes comply with the highest standards of responsibility QHSE (quality, health, safety, environment).