We offer a complete advisory service from the hand of our team of innovative and creative professionals.

1.- Diagnosis, Design and Decoration

The detail makes the difference. We analyze in real time the use of spaces and the organizational culture of each client, establishing the key characteristics that should guide each design, achieving the transformation of a conventional space into a visual interpretation of its essence or that of its project.

We remain attentive to new trends, patterns from the world of design, architecture and interior design, making your brand or space stand out.

2.- Consulting and Construction

Our team of creative professionals together with a group of allied experts among which Ordoñez and Architects builders, LEED AP and EDGE EXPERT engineers with extensive experience, we offer consultancy in the construction and design of projects from individual pieces to turnkey solutions, change management and moving, optimization, assembly and installation of parts, relocation and internal wiring of telephone lines, guaranteeing excellent results.


3.- CNC service

We carry out machining of parts with a great degree of complexity, machining in series with numerical control machines, offering the customer excellent quality and great service.

Unmatched internal capacity to deliver parts always on time. Our service is ideal for both rapid prototypes and short production runs of final parts.


ATTICA DESIGN GROUP It is a company with ISO 9001 certification which guarantees that our products and processes comply with the highest standards of responsibility QHSE (quality, health, safety, environment).