With the arrival of COVID-19, many aspects of everyday life have undergone changes. An example of this are the work centers, which have had to adapt to safety and hygiene measures in order to stop the spread of the virus. Specifically, special attention has been paid to the type of office furniture and how to organize it.

The de-escalation and progressive control of the pandemic have been milestones of vital importance for the development of economic activities. However, the return to the office has brought new challenges.

In this sense, the redesign of work spaces and an adequate distribution of office furniture have been some of the most important solutions that have emerged in this regard. To achieve this, the correct use of furniture such as the office table is required, being decisive within the security and prevention measures against the coronavirus in this new stage.

What is the best way to use office furniture?

Each company has offices that have their own characteristics and peculiarities. However, in general terms, the furniture found in this type of work space is very similar, thus facilitating new changes. Through small modifications, not only can the offices be organized in a safer and more hygienic way, but workers can enjoy better decoration and a more productive environment.

Use of protective partitions in the office

One of the most recommended products to counteract the effects of the virus inside the office are the protection screens. It is a type of office furniture that can be used in various ways to promote the hygiene of workers.

Protective screens can be easily adapted to each work space. It is a very elegant protection barrier, very easy to install and fits perfectly to the office table. In this way, it is possible to establish a useful division of the area that corresponds to each person within the office, protecting public health and promoting a greater concentration on productive activity.

Undoubtedly, the incorporation of protective partitions in offices represents a capital investment by companies. This type of partition panels have multiple advantages and one of them is the low cost of sale to the public. Thanks to this, the budget that companies have to allocate for the purchase of screens should not significantly affect finances.

Safe distance from office tables

Over the decades, the design of the offices has been progressively modified. This, with the aim of improving the quality of the work environment for workers.

Offices went from being an endless number of cubicles, as is often observed in films of the last century, to being much more open and friendly spaces. In this way, the creativity, initiative and productivity of workers have been considerably improved.

Despite the much broader distribution that characterizes 21st century offices, the arrival of COVID-19 requires the application of certain security measures.

As part of social distancing, it has been determined that the office tables of each worker must maintain a separation of at least 2 meters in length. In this way, a safe distance between workers is guaranteed and the flow of movement within the office undergoes a great improvement.

How can distance be encouraged in offices?

The distance of two meters between the workspace that corresponds to each worker, in which all their office furniture is included, is just one of the ways to maintain the distance within the office.

It cannot be overlooked that offices have several common areas where the coronavirus is much more prone to spread. That is why a measure that helps people keep their distance is the use of adhesive tapes. It is a very simple but incredibly useful product when it comes to telling people which areas to travel through within the office. Also, the method of placing signs on the ground tells workers the exact amount of space that two meters represents.

What other security measures can be taken?

The World Health Organization and national health authorities have determined that the use of masks is a measure that must be maintained at all times. The mask is an instrument that we will have to use for a long period of time. For this reason, within the offices the use of masks by all staff should be mandatory.

Finally, cleaning and disinfection products play an essential role in preventing the spread of COVID-19. In this way, office furniture can be kept completely sanitized.

Source: Huelva Information